​Personal data is any information about an identified or identifiable physical person (data subject). What personal data we collect when you visit our website.

When you visit our website, we collect the following data about you:

  • Internet address (IP address) of the computer or computer network you use, from which the name and address of the Internet service provider of the computer or computer network you use can be derived;

  • The software version of the web browser and operating system of the computer you are using;

  • Time of visiting the website (time, date, year).

We do not associate IP addresses with other personally identifiable information. We collect and store data about which part of the website you visit and how long you stay there. We use this data to compile visit statistics in order to develop the website and make it more visitor-friendly.

We store the data for 12 months starting from the time you visit the website. After the deadline, the data is deleted. In addition to our employees, the employees from the Center of Registers and Information Systems who have a direct need to do so due to the performance of tasks related to the operation and maintenance of our information and communication systems may gain access to the data. We may transfer your data to other persons/institutions only if they have a direct legal right to it (for example, a court or pre-trial officer) and a justified need.


For information security purposes (legal basis: Cybersecurity Act § 7 (1) points 1 and 3) we use the CloudFlare application on publicly accessible websites, which adds 2 cookies (_cf_bm and_ cfuvid) to the user's computer. The purpose of placing cookies is to regulate the traffic load for the better functioning of the website and to prevent cyber incidents. They do not in any way identify an individual visitor or track their activities online.

More information about the referred cookies can be found here.

The service is mediated by the Republic of Estonia Information System Authority 

Last updated: 16.02.2024