Typology of DPA-s

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Fill in the questionnaire here:  http://www.questionpro.com/a/TakeSurvey?id=4644196

The questionnaire is divided into 6 chapters. You can move to the next page if pressing button „save and continue” (below). The button gives a choice to interrupt answering and continue later on starting from the next page. You can't move backward and make any changes in your answers if „save and continue” button is pressed.

Button „back” (above) makes possible to move backward to the previous page (for example from page 3 to page 2, but not to page 1) in case you haven't saved your answers.

If the button „exit survey” is pressed, you can't return to the questionnaire and the system asks your e-mail address where the link of unfinished guestionnaire will be sent automatically.


The questionnaire is also available as a document Typology list of powers, activities and statistics of Data Protection Authorities for helping to follow all the questions.

If wishing to get all answers as a whole (pdf- or excel-format), please turn to the contact person: Mrs. Maarja Kirss, email: international[a]aki.ee;



The questionnaire with answers of The Data Protection Inspectorate of Estonia 2016



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