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The Data Protection Inspectorate defends your constitutional rights:
1) right to obtain information about the activities of public authorities;
2) right to inviolability of private and family life in the use of personal data;
3) right to access data gathered in regard to yourself.

To do that, we are empowered by:

a) the Personal Data Protection Act:

          obligations of processors of personal data;

          everyone’s rights with respect to their data; 

b) the Public Information Act:       
          everyone’s right to obtain public information;
          adherence to restrictions on access;
          control over public sector databases;

c) the Electronic Communications Act:
          protection from unwanted electronic direct marketing (spam, SMS advertising, etc.);
d) international legislation:        

          joint supervision over cross-border databases and other international cooperation.

To defend your rights, we act as:
1. a commissioner (ombudsman) and preliminary court;
2. an auditor and a licensor;
3. an educator and consultant;
4. a designer of legal practices;
5. a policy adviser;
6. a law enforcement agency.


Director-General of the Data Protection Inspectorate

The Director-General is appointed for a period of 5 years by the Government on the proposal of the Minister of Justice, taking into consideration the opinion of the Constitutional Committee of the Riigikogu (Parliament). The candidate is selected for the nomination in open competition as all higher civil servants.

The Director-General has right to make legally binding decisions and to take law enforcement measures. He is entitled to delegate his powers to other officers of the Inspectorate. He has the right to report directly to the Constitutional Committee of the Riigikogu and to the Chancellor of Justice.

The first Personal Data Protection Act entered into force in Estonia in 1996.
The Data Protection Inspectorate was founded in 1999.
We have been the supervising agency of the Public Information Act since 2001.
The current Personal Data Protection Act entered into force in 2008.

Our goal is to help design a society that values the right of the individual to privacy and the transparency of activities of the state.
As a recognised expert in this field, we strike a fair balance between the fundamental rights of individuals and public and business interests.


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